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Rock-carved Standing Buddha in Icheon-dong, Andong

안동 이천동 마애여래입상 ( 安東 泥川洞 磨崖如來立像 )

Heritage Search Detail
Classification Treasure
Name of Cultural Properties Rock-carved Standing Buddha in Icheon-dong, Andong
Quantity 1 Buddha statue
Designated Date 1963.01.21
Age Goryeo
Address San 2, Icheon-dong, Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do

The body of this huge Buddha statue was carved in a line on a 12.38-meter-high natural rock face. The head was separately placed on top. This method was generally used in the Goryeo Dynasty. The Two Rock-carved Standing Buddhas in Yongmi-ri, Paju (Treasure No. 93) are another example. The back of the head was almost completely destroyed, but the front is intact. The usnisa (a protuberance symbolizing supreme wisdom), shaped like a topknot, is relatively high, and the long eyes and thick lips are smiling serenely. Despite its huge body, the statue is well-balanced overall. There is a little bit of orange paint left on the head, face, and lips in particular, telling us that this statue used to be painted. The folds in the clothes covering both shoulders look like a graph. The index fingers and middle fingers of each hand are put together, with the left hand on the chest and the right hand on the stomach. This huge Buddha statue represents the dominant style of folk Buddha statues made during the Goryeo Dynasty and serves as important data in studying the Buddha statue of the time.